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Make your battery bank truly unique with our Color Anodizing option for your Bus Bars. Add a pop of personality and style by choosing from our array of stunning anodized colors. Stand out from the crowd with vibrant options such as Blue, Gold, Purple, Red, Black, and Lime Green.


When selecting color anodizing, please allow an additional 2 weeks for processing and customization. We take pride in delivering a flawless anodized finish that not only looks impressive but also enhances the durability and corrosion resistance of your bus bars.


Our Bus Bars are meticulously machined to ensure optimum connectivity, guaranteeing reliable electrical performance. Each Bus Bar comes with the Coventry Industries Logo, representing our commitment to quality and excellence. However, for a more personalized touch, you have the option to upload a custom logo (sold separately, as well as hardware) to truly make your battery bank one of a kind.


Express your individuality and add a touch of flair to your power system. Choose from an array of vibrant colors, ensuring that your battery installation reflects your unique style. Order today!

Add Color Anodizing To Your Bus Bars!

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