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Introducing our C-Max Battery Compression Kit, designed exclusively for 5ah and 24ah battery sizes. This comprehensive kit includes all the essential components you need for a reliable and secure compression solution.


The kit features two 3/8" angle pieces, precisely cut to the required length, and expertly powder-coated for enhanced durability. These angle pieces are thoughtfully drilled to match the specific dimensions of C-Max batteries, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal compression.


To ensure maximum strength and stability, the compression kit provides two cut-to-length hardened threaded rods. These robust rods are carefully selected for their exceptional durability and resistance to wear, guaranteeing a secure and long-lasting compression setup.


Experience the convenience of a complete package, featuring powder-coated and drilled angle pieces, hardened threaded rods, and accompanying nuts and washers. Trust in our commitment to excellence and enjoy a seamless battery installation process! Order now!

Compression Kits

SKU: 0016
  • CMAX Battery High Quality Compression Kit for 5ah and 24ah sizes Includes: 2 – cut to length 3/8 Angle – Powder Coated and Drilled 2 – cut to length Hardened Threaded Rod 4 – nuts and washers

  • Item is Non-Returnable unless wrong size was sent to consumer.

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