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PRO Coventry Bass Knob Built By: L.A.F


Field tested and proven to lower noise and gain db over any other knob! Highest Quality Leads You Can Buy....PERIOD PRO LEAD- *The pro lead uses one continuous microphone cable per channel. 2x thicker cable than ECO cable, so yank it, tug it, slam it in your door... It's going to last a lifetime. *20g conductor for optimal signal transfer from your HU to amplifiers * Twisted foil shielding to reject noise *20 strands of cotton string for pull strength.

You will never break the conductor. *We use one conductor from the POT to the RCA so there are no solder joints to fail. *7’ and 12’ leads come standard with male input and female output to connect directly to your HU.

This can be changed to any combination of male or female that you might need LAF50k PRO POTENTIOMETER- Made with our custom LAF50K linear pro potentiometer. We engineered this beryllium doped potentiometer to outperform all the competition.

Testing is proving that our exclusive POT will gain dbs, turn smoother, and dial in more precisely than ANY bass knob on the market. Rated to last 50k turns too (the other guys are 10k max)


*LIMITED WARRANTY- LAF will guarantee Pro knob guts for 3 years. This covers the RCA and potentiometer (basic function). The LED and meter and case will be covered for 1 year. This time is from your delivery date from me, or your purchase date from an authorized vendor with proof of purchase. This coverage is transferable with subject to approval from LAF. All warranty is subject to approval (if you run over your knob with your vehicle we aint gonna cover it). Within your warranty time LAF will cover shipping and repairs. Outside your warranty shipping and repair cost is on you the customer. The way we build these, the case, meter, led and guts are all fixable. If you break a part, or the case cracks or god forbid falls apart, it can be replaced. These are handmade and things happen, so please reach out to us first before trashing the brand, and we will take care of you, THANKS!


Yes- we know these are expensive. Yes- your buddy may be able to slap an LC1 into a plastic box for a lot cheaper. Go for it - we won't mind. LAF bass knobs are intended to be for the true enthusiast, for the coinsure, for the LOUD AF people! If you want the best customer service, highest quality parts, the finest attention to detail, look no further! We put time and passion into each knob and we know you'll be PROUD AF to own one.


$140 shipped

PRO Coventry Bass Knob

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