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LTO (lithium-titanium-oxide) Cells with M4 Studs! 


Experience the ultimate power upgrade with these cells, which outperform the Cmax/Insight cells in many ways. Enjoy more power with a smaller footprint! 


Please note that cells are not sold separately. 


The built bank comes contained in a treated wood case and includes a plexiglass cover (your choice of clear or smoked).


The balancer is installed and shipped partially charged for your convenience. The compact yet powerful 2.9Ah cell is ideal for applications that require short-time high power charge/discharge and for those that need a small battery size and lightweight design.


Upgrade your power supply today with our LTO Cell bank made by Coventry Ind.


Long life (cycle characteristics)

The 2.9Ah cell maintains over 80% of its initial capacity after 40,000 charge/discharge cycles at a tough charge/discharge rate (10C) and high temperature (35°C) conditions.


Rapid charging

The 2.9Ah LTO cell can be charged from 0 to over 80% SOC* in one minute.
* State of Charge


High-rate discharge

The 2.9Ah LTO cell provides stable discharge capacity even in large discharge currents.


Low-temperature operation

The LTO cell can be charged and discharged at temperatures below the freezing point.
There is little degradation even if charge and discharge operation is repeated under low-temperature conditions making it suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures


Power Comparison LTO to Cmax

  • 43.5AH (90 cells) - Good for 23,925 Watts - compares to a 90AH Cmax
  • 87AH (180 cells)  - Good for 47,850 Watts - compares to  a 180AH Cmax
  • 130AH (270 cells) - Good for 71,775 Watts - compares to a 225AH Cmax
  • 174AH (360 cells) - Good for 95,700 Watts - compares to a 300AH Cmax

If you are interested in a larger bank than we offer here on the website please call us to place an order.


Package Insurance is recommended please read the package insurance policy for additional info.


Battery Bank Footprint Sizes



9.5" Wide

12.75" Long

5.625" Height



18.9375" Wide

11.75" Long

5.625" Height



18.937" Wide

20.00" Long

5.625" Height


130.5 ah

18.9375" Wide

28.375" Long

5.625" Height



18.9375" Wide

38.00" Long

5.625" Height

43.5AH LTO Bank - (90 cell) On Sale Now!

PriceFrom $1,475.00
COLOR - $120.00 Extra