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"C-MAX" Lithium Bus Bars. These Bus Bars will work for Both 5AH prismatic cell also known as "C-Max" along with the 5.3Ah "Insight/G3'' Prismatic Cell  NOW AVAILABLE IN PURPLE, RED, BLACK, and LIME GREEN ANODIZED COLORS (Allow 1 to 2 weeks for production if not in stock, 3 weeks with color or Set Screw Option) Machined for optimum connectivity. All Buss Bars come with the Coventry Industries Logo unless a Custom Logo is Uploaded. Hardware not included. Add Hardware to your order HERE  PLEASE READ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON REFUND, RETURN, PRODUCTION, AND SHIPPING INFO!

5AH CMAX Bus Bars - Starting at $120!

COLOR - $120.00 Extra
  • If Bus Bars are damaged in shipping photo proof of packaging and the bars is required. 

    New bars can be sent out to replace and Coventry Ind. will pay for shipping the return bars. The customer is responsible for packaging and sending bars back with our return label.  (proper packaging is expected to negate any more damage)

    If you are unhappy with the bars in any way you can return them for a refund minus 25%  (bars will be considered B stock and a restocking fee is added). 

    The customer is responsible for the shipping cost if returning for another reason beyond damage in shipping to them.


  • If a product is not (In Stock) such as Bus Bars with the set screw Option or Bus Bars that are not your typical size they have to be made which typically takes 1 to 2 weeks depending on how many orders we have received (We do not stock all sizes.) Also if the bars have to be sent out for anodizing it adds another 2 weeks.  Once the bars are complete then it takes 3 to 5 days for shipping UPS or USPS

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