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Introducing our comprehensive hardware package designed specifically for 24ah C-Max bus bars. This carefully curated collection includes the necessary bolts and screws to ensure a secure and reliable connection for your electrical setup.


Included in this package are M8x1.25x8mm bolts, meticulously chosen for their compatibility with 24ah Cmax bus bars. These bolts offer robust strength and stability, allowing for a firm and secure attachment of your bus bars. With their precise threading and durable construction, they ensure a long-lasting and dependable connection.


In addition to the M8 bolts, we provide M5x0.8x8mm screws to further enhance the stability of your bus bars. These screws are engineered to fit perfectly with the Cmax bus bar design, enabling easy installation and a secure fastening. With their optimal size and thread pitch, these screws guarantee a reliable and hassle-free connection.


Experience the peace of mind that comes with a secure and stable connection. Trust in our commitment to quality and compatibility, and enjoy the ease of installation that our hardware provides. Order now!

24ah CMAX Bus Bar Hardware

PriceFrom $4.00
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