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This is a 4S LiFePo4\lithium-ion 5A equalizer used for 12V battery pack. This device acts as a balancer/equalizer to balance the capacity of cells inside 12V battery pack. This is not a Bluetooth balancer/equalizer. This can be used in lithium batteries of any type including 18650/21700/32650/38120/66160 and any type of prismatic cells etc. This can be used in lithium battery applications. This can be used for 3S and 4S battery pack configurations. This is manufactured by Heltec.


The 4s Capacitor Balancer is specially engineered to balance the voltage of each cell in your battery pack, preventing overcharging or discharging. By maintaining the voltage equilibrium, this balancer helps maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your batteries.


Experience peace of mind knowing that your batteries are balanced and operating at their best. Invest in the longevity and efficiency of your battery system with this essential accessory!

4s Battery Energy Active Balancer

  • If Items are damaged in shipping photo proof of packaging and the items are required. 

    New Items can be sent out for replacement and Coventry Ind. will pay for shipping the returned items back. The customer is responsible for packaging and sending Items back with our return label. 

    If you are unhappy with the Items in any way you can return them for a refund minus a restocking fee. 

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