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LTO Cell Battery Banks - High Quality


We currently have about a 10-day turnaround from the date ordered.


Check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for more information.


We are very excited to offer these cells! (Cells not sold separately)

These cells outperform the Cmax/Insight cells in many ways. Get more power with a smaller footprint! Built Bank comes as you see in the picture complete with Bus Bars, Balancer. just charge it, plug and play!


Built Bank will be contained with a treated wood case and a plexiglass cover is included

(Your choice of Clear or smoked) Balancer installed and shipped partially charged.


The compact high power 2.9Ah cell is well suited for applications that require short-time high power charge/discharge, and for applications that require a small battery size and lightweight.


Power Comparison LTO Cells to Cmax

If you are interested in a larger bank than we offer here on the website please call us to place an



Freight Insurance is recommended please read the freight insurance policy for additional info.


Typically it takes about 2 weeks to turn around, special orders with custom bus bars might take an extra week. Please be patient, we will send tracking information when it ships.  


Check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for more information.


Battery Bank Footprint Sizes


9.5" Wide

12.75" Long

5.625" Height

32 lbs - 43lbs packed for shipping UPS



18.9375" Wide

11.75" Long

5.625" Height

Weight - 47lbs - 53lbs packed for shipping UPS



18.937" Wide

20.00" Long

5.625" Height

90lbs - 122lbs packed for freight carrier


130.5 ah

18.9375" Wide

28.375" Long

5.625" Height

Weight - 134lbs - 176lbs packed for freight carrier



18.9375" Wide

38.00" Long

5.625" Height

Weight - 178lbs - 230lbs packed for freight carrier


Choose customer pickup in the cart if you are picking up from our location. 


LTO Battery Banks - 87AH (180 cell), 130.5AH (270 cell), 174AH (360 cell)

PrecioDesde 2.850,00$
COLOR - $120.00 Extra
    • Battery Bank is completely assembled
    • comes complete with a sealed wood containment box
    • comes complete with a balancer
    • comes complete with BUS BARS Coventry Logo standard (Custom Logo is extra)
    • Plexiglass is included (Clear or Smoked)
    • Each bank is built with Expertise, Quality, and Love!
    • Battery is charged to 30% for shipping purposes. Must be charged before use.
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